Friday, August 03, 2007

To the stars on the wings of this fancy-schmancy chair

Hey it's Herman Miller's Eames meets Swedish Tempur-pedic!: the "WING Lounge Chair."

Part 1950s mod, part 1850s coal-baron-reading-in-his-study. Will the madness ever stop?!

Actually, my grandfather had a leather wing chair in his den. It was very comfortable. I'm sure paring the wing chair's style with a lounger was inevitable. Now you can fall asleep and your head can loll about without fear of whiplash or inadvertent waking! Huzzah!

Although I'd kill for an Eames, I don't know about this chair. It shares a lot of the same design aspects, but it looks a bit too spacey for my tastes.

Too crazy of a post for you? Head over to Cult of Mac, where Good ol' PMortensen (I imagine it's like pneumonia. Or psychiatrist... Although if you're a fan of Animaniacs you know it's really pronounced p-sychiatrist... Or the dude's name is Pete. I think I missed my train-of-thought) showcases Dateline's newest to-catch-a: \to catch_an i-Jacker.

Please note: that's exactly how NBC ran the segment. Formatting at all. It isn't made up. Dateline actually took time out of their runing-sexual-predators-lives time to ruin some petty thieves lives. If you click through to the video, apparently they also used their patented "to catch a predator" technique to foil iPod stealers!
Apparently, the investigative crew was shocked — SHOCKED! — to learn that iPods occasionally get stolen. And worse, sometimes other things get stolen, too!
Shocked, I tells ya!

I can't for the life of me remember why I hate broadcast journalism...

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