Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The midnight shows, oh how they make my eyes burn the next day

So I think I can stop hating the Harry Potter directors... Well, David Yates, anyway.
Come to think of it, I didn't really mind Christopher Columbus, either. (Yeah, OK, I've tried. I can't call him Chris Columbus. My schooling days automatically at the "topher" to the end of his name. Ah the days when they taught us about the brave explorer who basically f---ed up and brought disease, famine and greed to The New World).

Err, where was I. The new Harry Potter movie, which I saw at midnight. With a bunch of people pretending to be wizards. Or students at Hogwarts. Maybe they just really really liked their graduation robes...

Obviously, the movie differs from the book. Every movie does. But the things they changed, well, I think they made for a solid movie. A very solid movie.

As my friend Pay Abdalla points out in today's Sun, it would have probably been a good idea to explain what the Order of the Phoenix actually was, for anyone not familiar with the books.

But hey, at least it wasn't directed by Alfonso Cuaron -- he who "inspired" Mike Newell to cut Goblet of Fire from the planned double header to just one film. Oh Alfonso, how I do so loathe you.

Anyway, good movie. Good acting. Good writing. But I'd agree with those critics who said it definitely feels like "Page Five of Seven."

Now to reread my copy of The Half-Blood Prince before next Friday, where I'll go and stand in line with more graduation-robe enthusiasts.

Oh look, Daniel Radcliffe is on Today. Actually, if you get the chance, try and find a copy of Monday's Tonight Show -- Radcliffe is the guest, and he's really quite funny.

"So now you've got all this dough... what are you going to do with it?" Jay Leno asked, about Radcliffe's earnings as a star of five films and a (weird, horse-iphile) play.
"Dough? Like make bread?" Radcliffe quizzically responded.

I guess the Brits don't call their currency dough. Also great when he mentioned filming "the fourth movie," and immediately scolding himself. "Fourth?! We've done five, Dan!"

But yeah, good movie all around. Plus, I got a look at the Get Smart trailer. (Warning: since Apple hasn't put up the trailer yet, that link points to a reportedly annoying, streaming MSN video. Also, since it's first on MSN, I can't help but be horrified to wonder if that means it won't be going up over at Apple/trailers...)

Now that's a movie I'm looking forward to seeing.

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