Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Life imitates art?

A real-life Jigsaw killer?

This happened a while ago. I only found out about it because I was trawling the state wire this morning.

This kid walks into a bank in Erie, with a crude metal collar around his neck, bomb attached. He robs the bank, and gets outside, where police are waiting. They find out what's what, order a bomb squad, but the kid blows up before they get there.

Police then find instructions in the kid's pocket on what to do with the money, and a sort of scavenger-hunt list of how to get the collar off.

So I'm thinking, did this crazy lady watch Saw? Did the guys behind Saw hear about this? Or is it just a freaky coincidence.

(For the faint-of-heart, the link points to America's Most Wanted. No gruesome pictures, just a lengthy narrative describing the case.

According to The Associated Press -- although I can't find any online paper that ran the story -- prosecutors are days away from indicting the "crazy" lady, who pleaded guilty by mental defect to killing her boyfriend years ago.)

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