Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Uh, OK, this is kind of weird.

Monday morning, NPR and AP reported Ingmar Bergman died. Aside from having a name close to Ingred Bergman (the also Swedish film star who shared no relation to Bergman), he was, of course, a revolutionary film maker. If you believe Woody Allen, he was the best thing to happen to film since the invention of the camera.

Then I look on The Times' Web site this morning, and what do I see but Michelangelo Antonioni also kicked the bucket yesterday.

Kind of creepy. Too bad Fellini and Kurosawa are already pushing daisies.

Although I imagine my film professor is wearing a black armband, and will continue to do so until... Eternity.


Kevin McGuire said...

Don't forget about Bill Walsh, one of the most influential football coaches of all time!

BdeRWest said...

Yes and a journalist died Monday as well, although I don't remember his name. He was old.

Monday was like some weird death day. Maybe all the funeral homes had coupons.

Or everyone was rushing to die before August...

I know, that's horrible. C'est la vie, or rather, C'est la (whatever's French for death)