Wednesday, July 25, 2007

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Just saw this in my feeds: NFL to require pro shooters to advertise Canon, Reebok.

Here's the NPPA's response.

Apparently this isn't new. From the article:
The [Wall Street Journal] article also quoted Pete Cross, photography managing editor for The Palm Beach Post in Florida, as saying photographers wore Tostitos-branded vests inside-out in protest this year at the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.
Go protestors! Boo shilling for companies! I mean, I've read how Canon had reps at the Olympics, wandering around to the people who shot Nikon, etc., and offering to let them test digital Canon equipment, but the NFL making shooters advertise?

Plus, does the NFL, Canon and Reebok really expect that many people to stare at shooters during the game? I mean, sometimes you see them on television, but usually the camera focuses on the players... The game.

Why not make the players run around with big billboards taped to their helmets?

Screw you, NFL.

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