Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Survivorman vs. wild

A bit more on Suvivorman and Man vs. Wild...

I really am at a loss to compare these shows. Each time I try, I only come up with, "Well, this one does this, but this one does this..."

E.g., In Survivorman, Les Stroud is alone. He carries "50 pounds of camera gear" around with him, sets up the shots and films, which (when you're in the Moab) is pretty impressive. In Man vs. Wild, Bear Grylls has at least two people you never see (cameraman and boom mic operator). I know, from watching a lot of the shows, they travel prepared, often with drysuits, mosquito suits, rafts, etc.

Point, Survivorman.

BUT Les Stroud knows he is going to be rescued in a week. He just has to survive that long. Bear Grylls has to get rescued, which could take a while (although he manages to do it in under a week every time.

Point, Man vs. Wild.

The shows are both really good, and each has its caveats. Les Stroud carries a satellite phone, presumable at the behest of whatever Canadian company produces the show. Bear Grylls wears a $5k Breitling Emergency watch, capable of transmitting a distress signal for 48 hours that can be picked up 100 miles away.

It's anyone's banana. All I'm saying is you all should watch both shows.

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