Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Of monkeys and monoliths

Our features editor just told me everytime she sees the iPhone commercials, she feels she has to have one.

This is a(n extremely nice) lady about my mom's age.

This is the Apple effect. The merging of elegant design, simplicity and just plain old damn coolness.

The subject came up this morning after I shot an e-mal to our Web editor. He and I were talking about how expensive we thought the plans for the phone would be. This morning, Apple and AT&T announced the plans, and they were actually very reasonable (if not borderline a steal when compared to similar smartphone plans).

He asked me about it then, particularly about the unlimited data plan (which is standard in every plan). It only makes sense AT&T would make the data end unlimited. The phone checks your e-mail (if you have POP) every whenever. But on top of that, the weather and stocks widgets update constantly, somewhat without your consent. People would be crying foul so loud you could hear it all over the world if they charged you for that.

And then the features editor turned to me and asked if I had one. I said I planned to get one Friday, and she asked if I would bring it in.

I promised I would Tuesday, the first weekday I'd be back in the office.

If this phone can gather this kind of reaction from a self-described "non gadget person," think how my insides are right now, on the eve of my mobile revolution. When every day Apple's PR genii release one more tidbit to the public.

It's excruciating.

So help me, if there's a huge line when I get to the mall at 3 p.m. Friday, I won't be liable (well maybe legally I will) for what I do.

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