Sunday, June 24, 2007

M. et Mme. Horting

Went to a wedding this weekend. Pics are up on Flickr. I didn't take many, as I look over them. In fact there are but five. Caitlin took more. If you're a member of Facebook, look her up and check them out.

I took this shot in the reception hall of The Inn at Chester Springs. Very nice ceremony held in a small 1904 corner-stoned Episcopalian church in Royersford.

Slow-sync flash nicely warmed the background, and created a more even exposure, while keeping the lovely Miss Heaney in focus and illuminated. There's something weird going on with her chin, but upon closer inspection, you can see it's just a product of the flash and the blurring of the background.

I still like it, it's my favorite of her so far :)

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Leslie said...

Wow, that truly IS a lovely picture of her. Such a pretty lady! :-D She's a keeper, I say! (because we all know that being pretty is really ALL that matters anyway. :-D ha!)