Friday, June 08, 2007

I envy you, Ms. Dargis. I envy your words

Now this is a film review.

I mean, I know we read Times reviews in class, but Jesus. After eight months of subsisting on AP reviews from the wire, this thing reads like chocolate. Slightly melted chocolate.

You don't have to chew, just sort of massage it with your tongue and it'll go down like butter -- like buddah.

My favorite line? Probably:
Many of the casino scenes in this “Ocean’s” look as softly burnished as gold ingots, as if they had been dipped in a 24-karat finishing bath. Perhaps in homage to the mid-1960s Jean-Luc Godard or just because the results look so extraordinary, Mr. Soderbergh occasionally saturates the image with an iridescent red that makes everything inside the frame look as if it were gently vibrating. At other times, he floods the image with a piercing blue that summons up twilight on the Côte d’Azur.
I think I like it because, even though I've only seen the trailer, I know exactly what Manohla Dargis means.

I was hurt by the AP's review of Ocean's Thirteen. But now I'm as excited for it as when I first saw the trailer. That deep, Manchurian red, the subtle, Asian gong at the end. The tinging of Eastern musical instruments. Mmmmmm.

How can you go wrong with Evil Al Pacino? When his weathered voice rasps, and his acting takes you closer, leaning toward the screen as if he's really there in front of you. And his name is Willy Banks? Classic Hollywood name. "Runyon-style," whatever that means. I'm stoopid when it comes to some of The Times' stuff :(.

I don't care what Lee wants to see tomorrow night. Pirates of the Caribbean will have to wait. I want to see Danny Ocean.

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