Monday, June 25, 2007

The case of the $54m pants

That lawsuit an administrative judge in DC brought against his dry cleaner? The one where he sued for $54 million (AP say $67 million)? Yeah, he gets nothing.

Plus, he might lose his $96k-per-year job as a judge, aaand he might be responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Was it worth it, Mr. Pearson?

From the article (my favorite line, by the way. Go Post writers):
A week later Soo Chung found what she said were the missing pants. But Pearson said they were not the pants he had left to be altered. Not only was the pattern different, but the pants proffered as his had of all things, cuffs. Only once in his adult life, he said, had he worn cuffed pants, and never, he suggested, would he have so defiled his treasured Hickey Freeman suits.
(Emphasis theirs) This guy's hilarious.

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