Thursday, June 28, 2007

Affirmative Action, brilliantly fighting racism with more racism

Thank god. The Supreme Court decided today to wake up and smell the racism, denying schools the ability to take into account race when making enrollment decisions.

This was just ridiculous. The case brought before them was about some white kids not being able to enroll in a school because (and forgive me if I get the state wrong) Kentucky schools can only have between 15 and 50% of minorities enrolled.

Or something like that. All I know is there was some pretty biased anchoring on CNN International. Not reporting. The reporter was CNN's senior legal analyst or whatever. But the anchor was all interrupting the reporter and being like "Wow!" "Do you think this is a major setback to Affirmative Action in America?"

You mean that corrupt policy of fighting racism with... racism? Hey, it worked with fire, right? Oh wait, you fight fire with water, no matter what that old wives' tale says.

I'm sure AA was meant with the very best intentions. But it doesn't work. It's not even a very good stop gap measure.

As the justices said, the Constitution is color blind.

And then that Democratic judge was all up in Alito and whathisname's grill being like "word, yo, you fools ruined it."

I think the actual quote was closer to "Never before in the history of this court have so few done so much in so little time" or something.

Whatever, your honor. I agree with the Tories. Or are they Whigs? They wear wigs. Wait that's the UK...



Leslie said...

WOW - such an extreme use of rambling. This looks like it should be on MY blog rather than yours! Good job!!! I especially like the whigs comment -- good one.

So how do you like the phone. Everytime Drew has said, "Those look so cool." I've said, "You know, Brendan's getting one the day they come out. We can ask him what he thinks." :-) (Not that we will be spending a gazillion dollars on a new phone/iPod anytime soon as we both just got new ones anyway, but...)

Love you!

BdeRWest said...

What can I say? I love this phone! The unlimited data plan rocks, I'm surfing the Web on EDGE at Caitlin's parents' house. I've been using it to look up IMDB info when we were watching a movie, reading the news. I can't put it down.

I haven't found a downside yet, but I'll be posting a full "review" over at The Courant when I get back.