Thursday, May 24, 2007


So I don't get the U.S. Census Bureau's logo. I like to think I have a decent eye for design, especially deconstructing design choices. You know, this symbolizes this, while that calls to mind whatever. That sort of thing.

But this thing puzzles me. As you can see, certain letters are light blue and certain letters are dark blue. Much like BP's thinly veiled attempt with the design on their commercials (you know the ones, with that annoying song) pointing to their Web site, which renders like this Not only are they trying to say they're a better solution, but a solution better than gasoline. When their name (no it isn't "beyond petroleum" it's British Petroleum, don't let them forget that. Bein' all KFC on us, what's with that yo?) has petroleum in it.

Anyway, the census bureau's logo:
has no logical reasoning behind its highlighting. Or none I could discern. Can you? Is there a secret message? Iono.

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Anonymous said...

SEURA can be translated to "society" or "company" including a few other synonyms. It is also a Finnish weekly magazine.
As a graphic designer I too noticed the strange order in which the letters were colored - definitely not an accident or coincidence.