Thursday, May 31, 2007

Oh yeah, sorry, we sent this horribly mangled, deformed, ugly release. Our bad

So some Bank of America outside Boston gets this fax and thinks it's a bomb threat, calls the bomb squad (who shuts down the entire strip mall), and it turns out it's an in-house release from corporate to get ready for some stupid morale contest or whatever.

(On the left is what should have been sent. On the right is what came out of the fax machine. Further proving the technology's uselessness. Death to fax machines!)

I think the more important question -- the one no one's asking -- is not "why did this Bank of America manager freak out and call the bomb squad?" Not "why did the bomb squad freak out and evacuate the entire mall?" Not "why do they want Bank of America to pay for the emergency services deployed, won't that just make people less likely to report a potential bomb because they're afraid of incurring millions of dollars?"

No, my question is simple: "Who the hell designed that "in-house" press release?" It looks like something a failing kindergartener might try and turn in for a homework assignment. I mean, come on. I know the fax machine screwed up, but really Bank of America? This is your version of a press release? My god in heaven I don't think my money's safe in your bank anymore.

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