Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I own a number. What did you do today?

So we all have heard about the Digg revolt, the purported owning of a 16-digit number, and all that jazz.

No? Well basically some dude found the key to decrypt HDDVDs (for backup purposes), and posted it. More people posted. More takedown notices! Accounts deleted! User revolt! Accounts reinstated! Madness! It's madness!

Well, the cool people over at created a fun little algorithm that generates a 128-bit integer for you, and you alone. It then encodes a silly copyright haiku with it, and provides you with the key. The key is your technically copyrighted material. No one else can use it. Mine's:
7C AF 6F BF 77 AC BC 91 3A F1 3C 92 9F A6 3F BE

And you can pry it from my cold dead hands fools!

As the always awesome commenters over at Slashdot put it: I'll be Googling this number and playing the lotto with it until I win.

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