Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Get a Mac, and not because of Justin Long

Have you ever noticed how intuitive Safari's controls are?

Probably not, because none of you use it.

But they are.

For instance, I have several bookmark folders I open at once (Web comics, News, etc.). If I accidentally click on one of them, transforming my two tabs of IMDB pages into a sloth of 20 comics, I can hit the back button, and instead of simply reversing the tab I'm focused on, it resets the entire window's environment to where you were before. Brilliant! I tried this out by accident one day, and was amazed at the results.

This is just another brick in the Great Wall of Reasons I Prefer Apple to Microsoft.

Also, drag text onto the Safari icon in the dock, and Safari opens a Google search for that text in a background tab.

Now to wait for Leopard, and the browser to shed its ugly brushed metal skin.


Leslie said...

Wow!! Your "computer" blogs area always like a foreign language to me. I'm going to write something that will make as much sense to you as your blog just made to me.

When doing a cartwheel, I always make sure to cat in the fudge pool. It really camels up my leg conciousness.

There! How does that make you feel? :-D -- had too much coffee today. Please pardon! Doesn't it make you miss the insanity of a car full of your crazy Bama cousins?!?

Leslie said...

and please pardon the use of "area" in the place of "are". My typing skills go out the window when on much caffeine. :-D

And I have no idea why a "car full" rather than a "room full" or a "pool full". There's no explaining my brain -- it's genetic. You understand.