Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The fanboy equivalent of drunk dialing

I broke down and briefly entered the realm of fanboyism today, with a call to my local CingularAT&T store. I struck the old name because it's still listed in the phone book as Cingular, and the one in York is still a Cingluar store.

I asked about the iPhone. I know, I know, why don't I just camp outside the store for two weeks like those wackos with the PlayStations and XBoxen.

But, the dude didn't laugh at me, he just said they don't have a waiting list, but he knows stores in more populated areas (like NYC and Philly) do. But he said AT&T told them they would have plenty of stock, and then disclaimed that statement by saying "because Apple is the supplier, not AT&T."

He also said they were expecting the phones between June 14 and June 16. At first I thought he said July 16. But June 14 and June 16? That's a very narrow window, and I've heard June 15 a lot from all these rumor mills. I think there just might be something to that date. The ides of June.

Go firgure.

Anyway, so I'm giddy with anticipation. Step aside, Microsoft and your 30-inch, box-like competitor for multi-touch.

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