Thursday, May 03, 2007

Don't throw things at me

Now here is a perfectly good example of why there should be no blanket law against abortion, but it should (at worst) be taken on a case-by-case basis and (at best) not regulated at all, and left up to the mother.

For before you barrage me with comments about my hedonism and how I'm going to hell, let me point out to you I'm not saying abortion is right or wrong.

What I AM saying is it's not my decision.

In this case, it's the mother's decision -- the mother who's been told her baby will live only a few days after she gives birth.

Is she wrong to want to terminate her four-month-old pregnancy and spare the fetus? Is she selfish, and only sparing herself the pain of having to watch her child die?

Isn't it a more human thing to give the child a chance? Perhaps it will live and one day its story will be made into a Hollywood blockbuster on the emotional level of Gattaca.

The answer to all those questions is "it's not my decision."

It's her's, and she's taking it to Ireland's High Court.
Miss D was informed last month that her foetus has anencephaly, a condition which means that a large part of the brain and skull is missing.

Babies with anencephaly live a maximum of just three days after birth.
On a less explosive note: I still think the BBC's little "map o' where news is happening" looks too much like a swastika. And look, Ireland's region only extends halfway across Russia.

Sorry, Siberia, you aren't important enough.

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