Thursday, April 05, 2007

Merlin, you magical bastard

I take it back. I take it all back.

The Spot might brew the best coffee I've had from a national chain (Seattle's Best), but Merlin's Coffee makes a mean pot of java.

And that's just their coffee. Their Italian Sumatra dark-roast coffee. A sort of run-of-the-mill flavor, a version of which you can get at any coffee shop.

I haven't begun to talk about their coffee coffee, Merlin's Magical Mix.

It really is magical, the dude's not lying. It's the best coffee I've ever tasted. Granted, I only had a sip of Caitlin's, and she puts cream and sugar in hers. But I immediately regretted my decision.

As she put it "It's like what I've always hoped coffee would taste." It's just that good.

I'm going to start looking into coffee machines (and possibly grinders), so I can have this stuff every morning.


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Caitlin said...

I believe it was more like what I dreamed coffee could taste like. ;-) I usually put non-fat milk (or half-and-half if I don't have any other choice) plus about two packets of "sugar" (or real sugar if necessary). I think I took Splenda at Merlin's, but I'm not sure what the milk substance was because it wasn't labled. If that helps