Sunday, April 29, 2007

May resolutions

So while I've lost a lot of weight, I've gained some of it back... I really have no self control sometimes. I need to start exercising incessantly again. Every day. Four miles, at least.

Plus eating apples instead of junk food, and water instead of soda/juice.

I'm not going to let myself get back up to where I was.

Here's hoping I have the determination to see this through...

Plus, I'd like to start getting up early enough that I can shave every morning, and sit at my computer and read the news with a glass of OJ (instead of wakig up, jumping in the shower, and runing out the door).

It'd also be cool if I got up early enough to stop at Merlin's and get a cup of coffee before work, but hey, let's not get crazy.

My goal is four miles of running every day, plus a jog before bed, plus getting up at 6:30.

Think I can pull it off?

We'll see...

Oh, also I'm taking my car into the shop for $300/+ worth of work to get it to pass inspection.

Did you know my car's Kelly Blue Book rating is $325? Go me.

I want a Civic.

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