Monday, April 16, 2007

Look in the mirror, my friend

Now, I'm not perfect as a journalist, but sometime's it's hard not to pick on my comrades.

This is from a York Daily Record story that ran April 8:
"We will most definitely have a camera on Big Round Top or Little Round Top," or in Gettysburg's downtown, he said.
Now, even without knowing the story's about Google Earth adding a lot of detail to Civil War sites throughout the state, you have to step back and look at that quote.

Why the freaking heck would you use it? Unless you're trying to show people the state Deputy Secretary of Tourism has absolutely no idea what he's talking about.

Well, definitely, for sure we'll probably have a camera here, or here. Oh, or here, as well.

Drager always taught us never to use a partial quote unless it was absolutely necessary. And in this case the partial quote makes it even worse. Now not only is the guy unsure the camera will "most definitely" be, but the reporter adds another possible location, as if the secretary kind of forgot about that one.

I'm too critical, I think. But I just found it funny.

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