Wednesday, April 04, 2007

IPR, Red Barons, Lackawanna County Stadium

So it totally slipped under my radar, but Lackawanna County basically killed off our est. 1989 Phillies farm team, the Red Barons.

To make matter worse, they replaced them with Yankees. And renamed the field from "Lackawanna County Stadium" to "PNC Field."

The Time-Tribune's Web site has some sort of "PNC Field changes" GIF on it, but it doesn't look like anything's changes, except pinstripes. :-\

It makes me mad. It was cool that Scranton's field wasn't named after a bank, or a motor company (see Ford Pavilion at Montage Mountain, and every other minor league ballpark in America). No more, though.

It also makes me want to feverishly dig through my childhood to see if I still have a Red Barons hat somewhere.

Pat thinks it was all an election ploy, as he pointed out three days before the county primary, the tickets had the commissioners' faces on them.

Stupid Yankees.

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