Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm telling you to what songs you should listen again

I've found it: Zach Braff's source of power. The hair to his Sampson, the ring to his Green Lantern.

It's Imogen Heap.

I don't know about you, but I was simply astounded when I first saw the Garden State trailer on I'd read about the movie -- as a huge Scrubs fan -- back when it was called "Large's Ark," but I had no idea that was what Garden State was.

Then the trailer blew me away with its haunting, inspiring soundtrack -- Frou Frou's Let Go. Immediately to ShipSearch I went and downloaded it. And it was awesome. If that song were in iTunes, it would tell you the play count's like 75. Or even more. How high does that go?

Now if you saw SNL Saturday night, and you saw the digital short (or if you've seen The Last Kiss or the season finale of The O.C.), you know what I'm getting at. That nifty electronica song that keeps restarting, parodying slow, overly dramatic death sequences.

It's Hide and Seek, by Imogen Heap. Immediately I went to iTunes and downloaded the album, and as I listen to it, I'm sure it's the same voice. Frou Frou was really Imogen Heap (or at least Frou Frou's voice was).

I'm so sure, I'm not even bothering to research it. Take that, scientific method.

It's like when I discovered The Postal Service (on the emoallen forums).

Seriously, pony up the $10 and download this album. Or, if you prefer less-than-legit methods of reaping music, do it that way. Just listen to the damn thing.


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Anonymous said...

i think you know her...
but if not enjoy.
"Us"- best music video ever
"apres moi"- favorite song