Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Command J THIS, Microsoft

Keyboard shortcuts, both the cause of, and solution to, all life's problems.

Or was that alcohol? Well, the both are interwoven. Because let me tell you, if you use one set of apps at home, and another set at work, you're going to have quite a headache after a very short while. And if you try and drink your problems away, you'll have a bigger headache.

So I was right, it was keyboard shortcuts.

I say the less buttons, the better. The fewer the times I have to lift my hands from the keyboard to jab at the mouse, the better. The fewer I have to break concentration to find a button, the better.

Now, I realize that unless you're an absolute expert in programs like Photoshop, InDesign or Quark, the keyboard commands will baffle you. And that's not what this entry was about.

This entry is about simple applications, like e-mail and text editors and word processors and Webbernet browsers.

OK, why lie, this entry is about Apple's Mail and Microsoft Entourage. I hate them. Well, only one (I'll let you guess which).

Take, for instance, forwarding a message. In Mail, just hit Shift/Command/F, and the message you're viewing transforms into a forward which you can address and add to at will.

Type Shift/Command/F in Entourage and what happens? Nothing. What's the keyboard command?

Command/J. That's right, the junk command in Mail is the forward command in Entourage. What's up with that Microsoft?? J??? What the hell does that have to do with forwarding a message?

GAAAAAA. It's too bad the paper's owned by a gigantic conglomerate in Denver, or I we might be able to use Mail. But with everyone using Microsoft for e-mail, well, I could see that having its upsides (although it really shouldn't matter because it's not like Microsoft provides the servers).

On another Mac fanboy note, we're in InDesign training tonight and next Tuesday and Wednesday. The instructor hates Macs.

I mean hates them. She hides it well, or she's just naturally disposed to be mean. Either way. Just the way she spoke about her experiences with Macs in the past.

Oh, and I get the feeling a lot of people rib her about that. Because when she was talking about how her office was full of windows (like let-the-light-in windows, not the crappy OS), we were all like "windows, what are those?" and "must be nice," and I think she genuinely thought we were making fun of her OS preference.

See, Windows users? You develop a complex from using a substandard OS.

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Leslie said...

See, now you can't get upset at an IBM user for hating Macs when you show the same disdain for all things IBM in the SAME paragraph. :-(

I think your OS preference is much like religious denomination -- as long as it makes YOU comfortable, then that's what's important! Why must we always JUDGE each other on our preferences?!?

Ha! Much love and many hugs - your non-Mac friendly, elderly cousin