Thursday, March 15, 2007

You know his name

Picked up a copy of Casino Royale Tuesday at Wal-Mart (shudder).

While the experience of actually buying the DVD left something to be desired, the experience of watching the movie was all I'd hoped for.

Bond delivers. Or, rather, Craig delivers. The director delivers, the screenwriters (who include Paul Haggis) deliver. The whole movie is just good.

And as I put the movie on the shelf next to the dozen-or-so DVDs I own, I couldn't help resisting the urge to banish Die Another Day to another shelf, or at least to the end of the row.

I bought it, I think, because it was on sale. But it just doesn't hold up to Casino Royale. At all.

To watch Die Another Day is to get a crash course in the Bond archetype. The opening credits are some swoony song, and feature mostly the silhouettes of naked or scantily clad women. Bond is portrayed as a super human, vodka-downing, womanizing machine.

But Casino Royale? Sure, Craig's Bond drinks, but none of it is careless, stereotypical "vodkamartinishakennotstirred." It's all planned. At one point Bond orders a martini, and the bartender asks how he wants it and he practically explodes on the man. Because he's losing.

Because he's alive. He isn't some suit to put on and act like you're hot stuff. Craig gives Bond life.

There is so much more about this movie I love, I can't get it all down right now.

But anyway, yeah, the DVD was great.

And don't let Wal-Mart trick you into buying a full-screen version; I found my widescreen copy nestled behind four copies of the FS. You just have to hunt.

(I'd buy it on iTunes, but it's a Columbia film, and I'm betting as a rival computer company, Sony will hold out for a while)

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