Friday, March 02, 2007

Wood and leather

Is it contradicting that I'm a minimalist who enjoys the deep flavors and tones of hardwood? Do those philosophies clash?

Is it wrong that while I love my Mac's sparse lines, my IKEA lamp's simplicity, but at the same time want to sand and restain my desk a darker color?

Maybe it's my childhood. I grew up in a mahogany living room. The floors -- while not mahogany -- were hardwood, the walls were mahogany, the eaved ceiling was mahogany (my dad's since redone the ceiling to drywall and installed two skylights), the beams running across were stained dark red/brown to match everything else. The wood railing surrounding the fireplace was mahogany.

It was dark, and warm, and I will never forget it. Everytime I step into a wooden room I feel nostalgia. Caitlin and I went to her church this past weekend. And while it's been remodeled since my last visit, it still has fabulous wooden eaves and beams. And it made me think of home.

For whatever reason, I want it to be 1943 without the war. People just dressed differently back then, and it looked better. Everything looked better.

The buckles on your luggage actually worked, instead of being some disgusting faux-clasps with snaps or magnetic hooks underneath.

I hate that. If you're going to take the time to sew buckles on a bag, dammit make them work.

Drywall, while clean, efficient and nice, is just a little cold for my taste. My house is going to have a den. Like my grandfather's. And the den is going to be warm. Wood and leather, and not much else.

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