Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spanning my wallet

I enjoy the simplicity of opening iCal at home and having all my crap I entered at work match.

Up until now, I've used Spanning Sync to get this done. Spanning Sync syncs Google Calendar with iCal, and since both apps have basically the same interface (even the same color choices for different calendars), I was in heaven.

Until Spanning Sync grew up. LIke the ungrateful teenager, it has gone from a free beta to a $65 (lifetime, or $25 per year) app for which I really don't feel like paying.

I'll probably do the one-year thing, because who knows, in a year there may be a better app for doing what I want, or even a .Mac-price reduction, in which case I'd switch to a proprietary system in a heartbeat (as much as I love Google, I love Apple more).

Sad day, I guess. For now I'm grinding my teeth whether to pay the $25 at all, but I doubt I'll find a better (or comparable) app for less (or free).

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