Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm the tax man

Shazam! I filed my tax return the other night. Sans paper.

That's right, because I make under $30k per year, the federal government wants to be nice to me and allow me to file with any number of online providers, including the venerable Turbo Tax (with which I've filed all of my returns since turning 16 and working and having a W2 form -- aside from the past three state returns. More on that later).

So what does the robotic tax guy tell me? I get back $500. Woo! Oh, wait. It's all going toward my debt.

Between school loans, a camera I fell on and broke, and just the extra treat for myself, I figure I better use this blessing to slice a sliver off of my god-given, American right to live beyond my means.

It's actually really cool, usually I get back $200, tops. I guess what with earning my living and all, I've been giving Uncle Sam more of my livelihood than when I was hosting at Ehrhardt's and working at an Exxon station.

I haven't done my state return yet. And I don't know if I have to do a local return. I've never had to before, but I don't live in good old Pike County anymore (the only county in Pennsylvania to technically be part of the greater New York Metropolitan area). I'll have to ask someone around here if Adams requires them or not. It's a pretty rural county, so I suspect not.

You see, while the federal government subsidizes 10 or 15 tax preparers, PA just puts its own software on its site and makes you muck through it. I've used it before, but I like Turbo Tax better. It's more intuitive (which it damn sure better be -- the company that owns it is Intuit).

But I'll probably file that sucker this week, and hopefully I won't owe anything (I think one year I owed like $1, which is dumb because PA doesn't care about anything $1/<).

But it feels good to stay ahead of the curve and have it done well before April 15.

I've filed my state return, and I don't owe anything. Big surprise.

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