Saturday, March 03, 2007

High School chemistry classes are your friend

Matt & Ian are back. And I'm liking the extremely minimal interface they've provided.

I don't know if it's temporary or the new permanent design, but I vote to keep it. It's interesting they've been doing this since November and no one's said anything (to me) until tonight (when my brother IMed me with the URL).

But kudos to them. Their comic brought me into the world of Web comics, and the paperless humor they provide. Machall: Volume Whatever is on my list of things to buy just to preserve, if not read over and over. Other list items include all the Josh Joplin albums, every form of the movie Gattaca, and (until recently, when I received a copy) The Postal Service's Give Up.

Back on track: Read the comic. especially this one.

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