Monday, February 19, 2007

Yar, I be Seeing Something Pink and Yellow

Dead is another beautifully simple icon: the trefoil.

This radiation symbol has been used since 1946.

But no, says the IAEA. People are dumb, and don't know that the trefoil means danger, even though the public has seen it for 60 years. Their answer? Make an exponentially more complicated logo, meant to let anyone and everyone know they are in the presence of harmful ionizing rad.

To be fair, the trefoil was used to denote pretty much anything associated with radiation. E.g., public buildings used it to let people know they have bomb shelters. Well, at any rate I hope Delone Catholic does not have a radioactive basement.

I'm sure Paul Rand is rolling in his grave. While Rand had nothing to do with the trefoil's inception, he did promote clean, simple, universal logos.

Sure, the trefoil might not intimate what it's there for simply by looking at it. But damn, it was a lot cooler than a red triangle with a tiny trefoil, wavy lines, and a person running from a jolly roger.

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