Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Weekend thoughts

Three-day weekends are great, but they leave me not wanting to go back into work Tuesday. I think it's a residual lust for semester breaks and state-mandated holidays.

Does anyone else think the region map in the upper left corner of the BBC's Web site looks like a swastika? I mean, it's pretty close. I'm not making this stuff up.

The Oscars were 3 hours long this year, and began a half-hour late. That means they went until 12:30 a.m. Monday morning. Part of this has to do with the million montages they showed everyone. Enough! No one cares what "Michael Mann's view of America through film" look like. Boo, Academy. And allowing him to end his heart-string plucking pukefest with a gratuitous shot of James Brown (who, by the way, is still rotting above ground. Go figure) followed by an American flag blowing in the wind. Shame on you.

I need new windshield wipers. On one side, the plastic wiper has physically separated from the metal band which attaches to the actual wiper arm. The other one leaves one section completely unwiped, suspiciously, this is the section between my line of sight and the traffic through which I'm navigating.

Safari has been crashing a lot lately. Every time I try to look at jeans on Gap.com it crashes, and when I was at Kutztown I couldn't get on the Web site to enter "borrowed" login information.

Also, coming back from a weekend trip, or something of the like, always leaves the apartment in such disarray. I have to put away the laundry on the drying rack, do my dirty laundry, make the bed, fix the cable (which, since I installed my new router, is waaaay too long), put the dishes away, do the dirty dishes, clean up the living room, bind the newspapers for recycling and clean up the "office."

I bought new jeans at the Gap. They seem short to me, although they're 34s. I think my huge ass is to blame.

It's warm again. Snow is melting and it's transforming back into pseudowinter.

Studio 60 is on hiatus? Crap!

I found a 250GB LaCie Porsche HDD refurbished on LaCie's Web site the other day for $80. It's quite a deal, and I'm probably going to snag it and use it as a media NAS drive, for storing all the TV shows I will eventually be able to digitally record.

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