Friday, February 23, 2007

Two out of four isn't bad... Oh wait, yes it is

I think E! has secretly taken over MSNBC.

Because, seriously, there's no other reason for all this attention paid to Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears. MSNBC has been running live coverage of that farce of a trial, and now the trial's over, they're having "Anna Nicole: The Drama" on tonight, with headlines like "strange trial" and "bizarre something."

Give it up. Right now, they're going to live coverage of "Breaking News: Battle for Anna Nicole's Baby RIGHT NOW in Florida."

Good lord. Yesterday, at one point, there was a split screen of the Anna Nicole Smith trial and some Paparrazo on a motorbike following a limosine with "Britney Emergency Custody Hearing" as the headline.

As Joe said, that's two of the four horsemen right there.

It's sad to think of all the real news MSNBC's neglecting to bring us this jetsam. Of course, they might argue, they aren't passing over any "other news," they can always split screen the important stuff.

Hooray! That means 80% of the screen will be lawyers and a clown-faced Anna Nicole Smith, and 20% will be the weird smoke coming from some Miami beach. But I'm sure a trial over where to put a corpse is much more newsworthy.

Did I mention they gave the corpse to its four-month-old daughter? Go judge.

And does anyone else realize how much crap is going on in Hollywood, Fla. nowadays? I meann first Anna Nicole Smith drops dead there, then there's this rampant U-Haul chase, and now yesterday there was another police chase. Seriously, folks, what's going on down there in Florida?

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