Friday, February 09, 2007

T-Mobile rulex0r!!!1

T-Mobile's so cool.

I mean seriously, I'm really agnsting over this move to Cingular. It makes it better that I don't have to transition until June, or whenever the iPhone comes out.

And that's the single reason why. And don't try to talk me out of it. I've read all the articles, the "buyers beware," the "eight reasons to think before you buy an iPhone," everything.

Sure, rumor has it once Cingular is truly consolidated with the rest of the AT&T empire, AT&T customers will be able to call one another free, regardless of whether it's from a cell phone/landline to a landline/cell phone.

But Apple's decision to partner with what many people refer to as the bane of their existence broke my heart.

For instance. I get 600 anytime minutes, 400 text messages, unlimited Web access (via GPRS :( ) and nights and weekends free for $50, which boils down to a $60/month bill after you add taxes and fees.

I called T-Mobile service last night to see when exactly my contact was up, because it may have been time to switch. Which would have created more of a headache, because technically I would have been a Cingular (AT&T?) customer for four months prior to the iPhone's release, and would they let me upgrade a standing contract? Conversely, if I went with T-Mobile to go or Cingular Go-Phone, would I be able to keep my current number?

Anyway, the service rep (who was slightly out of the mobile phone loop, constantly referring to some new phones as "so awesome" to try and keep me at T-Mobile) said that my contract runs out Feb. 14, but that if I chose not to renew it, my service would stay exactly the same, same price, but it would be a month-to-month deal. Perfect.

Plus, she informed me, if I were to stay with T-Mobile, their current rates have my price with a 1,000 minute per month plan.

It's really just a nice company, down to its voicemail. Cingular's voicemail always took too long, they added crap after you were done talking. Like "press 5 to leave a callback number, press 9 when you are done, press 1 to leave a message, or stay on the line," which added like 40 seconds to an already long message. I hope they do away with that shit.

T-Mobile's voicemail is just clean, neat, and helpful. Even the back end of it. The end I hear when I call to check. It's just better.

Sad face.

So for now I stick with my beloved German company, the last real hope of globalization of the U.S. mobile phone market. The J.D. Power-favorite, and signer of Catharine Zeta-Jones' paychecks. If only Apple could have convinced you, too, to put blind faith in them.

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