Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Snow? What's that?

So it took until Feb. 7. Until the second week in the second-to-last full month before spring.

But it finally snowed! Pictures on Flickr later today.

And not just a dusting, like I was expecting, but a good inch or two! I had to brush off my car this morning! Not scrape, brush!. Nice fluffy, white SNOW. The stuff from my childhood.

Bonus: It's going to stay this cold for at least two weeks, which means the damned winter sun won't melt it all (I hope). Driving to work this morning really reminded me of home. The roads in McSherrystown were plowed -- in the sense that the plow scraped the snow down into a finely packed sheet. It looked like winter. It felt like winter, too. It wasn't so cold your chest hurts before you can get from the car to the apartment building, it wasn't so cold your ears throbbed. It was cold enough for snow, but warm enough for sledding, or skiing, or walking around town.

I was forgetting how much I loved winter, because the past couple years have been very "dry" in the sense we didn't have a lot of snow, and "wet" in the sense it freaking rained all the damn time.

But now winter is back. An early St. Valentine's Day present. Thank you, Mother Nature, and I didn't get you anything. (Unless you count the hard-core recycling, obsessive use of CFLs, and general hippy-ness.)

I'm looking forward to visiting Annapolis when we get the chance, possible in a couple weeks. Lisa lives there, and while I remember briefly stopping by when I went to D.C. with the Boy Scouts, I'm excited to see the place again. It should be really fun. I think all I saw when I was there before was the academy.

I'm also looking forward to our long overdue trip to Washington. It is, by far, my favorite city. It's a big city, but it has that distinctive colonial feel. I don't know if it's my memories of going there as a Cub Scout and having one hell of a time, or my subsequent four trips, but I love it. I would love to live outside D.C., maybe work in a suburb paper. But that's a ways away. For now, I'd be content with visiting it often, as I live about an hour and a half away.

Either way, now that winter's really here, I feel relieved. As if I were holding my breath or something, and when I woke up this morning, looked outside and saw the snow, I let it out in a big sigh.

I'm excited, the kind of excited you get as a kid when they call a snow day, and you get to romp around the house, sled, drink hot cocoa and watch movies with your family. I don't romp anymore, and there's no place to sled around my apartment, but I think I might want to make some hot cocoa tonight, and watch a movie. Well, until 10 p.m. Then Lost returns, and Caitlin and I will be watching that. It's really too bad CBS put CSI: NY up against Lost. Although I suppose it's worked out for the better since Lost has been on hiatus since like September. For CSI: NY's better. And Gary Sinise. I like him. It's sad he's stuck on a show I don't see lasting two more seasons.

Oh hey, check out FON. it's a pretty cool little international Wi-Fi community. If you're one of the first 10,000 Americans to sign up, you'll get a free FON router instead of paying $30 for it (link via a Boing Boing post).

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