Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Penny-Arcade is my hero

WGAL just ran a segment on violent video games.

I'm very angry, and I know I won't be able to articulate all my points through text.

The reporter talks with two "criminals," who are backlit and whose names we do not learn. They say what you would expect -- violence in videogames doesn't make them want to go out into the real world and commit crimes, and while they play "violent" games (like GTA), it's a stress-reliever, and they aren't "desensitized."

But we can't stop there, there's no story! What do these kids know? They're criminals! Let's go ask this professor at Maryland, whose press release probably prompted this stupid story.

She, of course, believes videogames are the devil, and even goes so far as to say "I'm shocked at their (the kids previously interviewed) naïveté." What the heck??

So all in all, the segment was horribly biased, utterly false, sensationalistic and full of FUD.

Videogames do not cause violence! "Violent videogames" do not cause violence! Good lord! As a videogame player, I'm severely pissed. And guess what? It's a whole darn-tootin' serial! That's right. Tune in tomorrow night to WGAL for part two: tips for parents. You don't want you kid to grow up into Charles Manson, do you? Then you better watch TV and ban your child from that godless heathen, Mario.

For the copy of the segment, navigate here.

It's people like you, WGAL, who feed Jack Thompson's insatiable appetite for idiocy.

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