Monday, February 19, 2007

Human Papylo-whatavirus?

This is ridiculous.

If there's a chance you daughter could get cancer, and you could prevent your daughter from getting cancer with a shot, wouldn't you make her get it?

But we wouldn't want to promote teen sex now would we. So let's let all the teens make their own decisions (because they always make the decisions their parents want them to make).

Can you be 100% sure they aren't having premarital sex? NO.

Yes, the vaccine isn't just go into the doctor, get a shot and go home. I think there's like three or four parts to the shot. and it probably hurts like hell.

And I hate needles.

But if I had a kid I would want her to get the vaccine.

I applaud Texas for trying to make the vaccine mandatory in public schools. It's one thing for which we as Americans can be proud of the revolving-door-to-Mey-hee-coh.

I hate people who blindly disagree with progressive technologies and science because it goes against what they interpret as the literal word of God. That's it, he said it. That's exactly how it was said and there's no changing it.

But that's sort of a different argument.

Perhaps we should make the teens decide? Well, let me tell you. I signed the Meningitis release instead of getting the shot in college because I'm afraid of needles. Teens aren't always the best decision makers, and while I never showered without sandals, infections and bacteria aren't exactly hard to pick up.

And I heard on NPR the other day some school is discontinuing giving Fluoride tablets every morning, because some parent complained?

What is this? It's isn't a communist plot! Fluoride is just good for you if you don't eat a pound of it. I forget why, but honestly, just look it up on Wikipedia.

Jeez people. You do know science makes lives better, right?

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