Thursday, February 08, 2007


Check out this New York Times slideshow spotlighting a day in the life of (Microsoft CEO) Steve Ballmer.

I hate Microsoft, as you're all (all two of you who read BN) well aware. And most, if not all, of their recent comments about Macs has done nothing but fuel those flames.

Therefore I thought maybe I was prejudiced against the slideshow. Upon further review, however, I couldn't help but notice the second picture (linked above).

In this picture, Ballmer is seated at his computer in what The Times refers to as a "decidedly low-key office."

But the the caption goes on, saying "but he uses an Excel spreadsheet to track his calendar."

OK, maybe there's some elitist, pretentious use of the term "calendar" of which I am unaware, I accept that, but the conjunction?


BUT he uses an Excel spreadsheet to track his calendar? How does that qualify the previous phrase, NYT?

Allow me to repeat the caption in full: "Mr. Ballmer may have a decidedly low-key office, , but he uses an Excel spreadsheet to track his calendar."

As if using one of his own products allows him to have such a small office -- something for which any other CEO would be instantly fired??


Jeers to The Times. Jeers all the way back to the Web-editing software you use, code monkey.

(Should The Times fix the error, I've printed a PDF copy, so we can all sit and laugh at both the incorrect grammar and the roly-poly CEO-of-doom. May he die a fiery death for delivering -- once again -- a substandard product, and attempting to market it not only as better than OS X, but encouraging his boss, BIll Gates, to blatantly lie about pretty much everything concerning the Mac, Steve Jobs, OS X, Unix aaand Vista.)

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