Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Queen

Caitlin and I went to see The Queen last night. Good film, I can see why Hellen Mirren won (and is nominated for) awards.

Maybe I'm just and anglophile, but I like Britons. I like their culture, the way they dress. That and I'm weird and pay attention to wardrobe choices and set design in movies.

But this movie was good. Aside from James Cromwell's slightly hammed portrayal of the Duke of Edinburgh, and Alex Jennings' accent as Prince Charles (it sounded too fake), it was a great look at the English Monarchy coming to terms with the 21st century (yes, I'm aware it was set in the 90s, but you know what I mean).

Also the director did an excellent job of splicing stock footage of Diana's wedding, etc., with movie footage. It rivaled Roert Zemeckis' splicing in Forrest Gump. Actually it was 100% better, because Stephen Frears didn't make stock footage people interact wth actors, he just cut them together well.

That and I had no idea Scotland could be that beautiful. I always thought of it as a soggy, forever-overcast netherworld. But Balmoral is apparently breathtaking. Good show, Mr. Frears.

And I reather liked Michael Sheen as Tony Blair. I think the only other portrayal of a modern UK Prime Minister is Hugh Grant in Love Actually. The fact that Sheen plays a real Prime Minister, and does it well enough that I believe him, is exceptional.

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