Monday, January 22, 2007

More Design

I have to say, I love Wired's new look.

I honestly have no clue when they switched to the nice, spacious white-grey-and-orange look, but it suits them well. They're old scheme made them look like HotBot and WebMonkey's love child. And while I applaud them for sticking with rotating colors of checkerboard blocks to unify the different blogs and sections (which mirror the masthead), it was like an Andy Warhol nightmare.

The new look, though. Mmmm. I like minimalism. I like it a lot (note: it is best to read this aloud, imitating Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective).

I don't know when they switched because, frankly, I just read the RSS fee through Safari. Which, by the way, is also deliciously minimal.

Another reason I can't say enough about Apple and their design teams. Sure, Jonathan Ive can put a pretty box around it, but damn if the software doesn't mirror the exquisite tastes of less-is-more.

Apple even encourages it, usually with a small rounded rectangle in the upper-right corner of the window. Click it and the menu bar goes away, leaving you with nothing but what you're looking at. (This works in Mail, Address Book, iCal, etc. Safari, while it doesn't have a button, just uses keyboard shortcuts to achieve the same effect.)

Heck, if I wasn't so worried about phishing, I would banish the status bar from the bottom of Safari. But I can't get used to not knowing where a link might take me.

Is it weird I love minimalism, but also seriffed font? I think that's a paradox, and yet I don't care. Especially since with less crap on a (Web or paper) page, serifs stand out so much more, and look fabulous.

Time to go day dream of the day my new router will arrive (Apple says March 6. Which means when they said "ships February," what they meant was "ships on the last day of February, and damn why isn't it a leap year >.<". I'm sure they used the emoticon as well.)

Oh, and we're headed down to Baltimore this weekend to visit a friend of Caitlin. Which means we'll be within driving distance of the elusive IKEA store. I plan to buy a nice Antifoni lamp, and drool over the Jerker desks.

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