Friday, January 12, 2007

I Hate Yahoo! Part II

I activated my e-mail address. In my pre-iPhone excitement I thought, gee, I should start using the addy I have through Yahoo (via Flickr etc.).

So I signed in, poked around. All I wanted really was the POP (or IMAP, I had hoped. But apparently Yahoo IMAP is only due out closer to iPhone release) address so I could add the account to Mail and check it through that. I hate Web mail. I hate being tied into an arbitrary UI.

But I couldn't find a POP server address. So I decided I'd just set the darn thing to forward my mail to my Gmail address, and just check it through Mail via Gmail.

Oh wait, says Yahoo, NO. I e-mailed their tech support. They told me that I can only access my mail account via POP when I PAY FOR YAHOO PLUS PREMIUM SERVICE.

What the foshizzle? Pay? For something that should be free? Excuse me, but no.

Gmail of course provides you with the option to use POP, or forward your mail. Hotmail allows you to access your mail with Outlook via POP (which means I could have used Entourage, Mail, Thunderbird, etc.). So what's up with that Yahoo? Seriously.

You suck. How are you the world's largest e-mail provider? Is the rest of the world just dumb?

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