Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cham-paggen, Anyone?

So it's finally getting cold. 'BOUT TIME.

But that doesn't mean if will stay that way. This freeze/that/freeze/thaw cycle we seem to be on might be perfect for fermenting champagne, but it's sure to drive people mad. Mad, I say!

Besides, everyone knows the Frenchys who live in that region are crazy anyway.

I'm heading back to the lake this weekend. My mom's birthday is Tuesday, and I want to take my bike back. At least up there it will have a roof over its head (but no walls, we hang them under the porch). I suppose not having snow AT ALL this year has a good side -- my bike didn't rust. Although it has rained a lot.

We're (Caitlin and I) working more toward making our apartment look like we live there. We've hung three more posters (AC Moore finally had a sale on frames! Honestly, who wants to pay $20 for a piece of cardboard, Plexiglas and four strips of plastic?). And I bought a new router, an Airport Express. Darn right it's an Apple router. See pics of my obligatory Apple fanboy unboxing over at Flickr. Also, notice the difference between the new router, and the ugly old D-Link I "borrowed" from my parents.

I'll post pics of the posters later tonight. Maybe even put one on here. GASP a picture on The Butterfly Net? Well, the Doomsday Clock did strike five minutes to midnight this morning.

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