Monday, January 29, 2007

Art Deco is the Shiz-Nit

Seriously. It is.

Caitlin and I just got back from visiting her friend, Abby, who lives in Baltimore. Not just in Baltimore, but within walking distance of Inner Harbor. Pretty cool. I'm jealous. Maybe it's because I grew up in the woods, went to school in Shippensburg and work in Hanover. Probably.

Anyway, Abby lives in "The Standard," which -- if you believe the carving above the side entrace -- used to be a Standard Oil Co. Building. They've done a fantastic job of decorating the place, and all the signs are in Art-Deco font, down to the laundry room and little diagrams telling you how to get out should the building catch fire. Of course, the interiors of the apartments are "normal," i.e., not art deco unless the tenant chooses to make it so. But the building is really cool.

It was a nice weekend. We walked around Inner Harbor, went to the pop-culture museum that's over by Camden Yards, had dinner at Shuckers in Fells Point, good times. We watched A Cock and Bull Story, which is oddly like Adaptation, except it's funny.

Got up this morning, and drove to IKEA, because heck, when you're within driving distance you might as well. Actually, I had a whole list of stuff to get. Because IKEA's shipping rates are outrageous for online shopping. My list included a new desk lamp, pencil jar, wastepaper basket, shower caddy and desk. I got everything, too. It's a nice store, and they make awesome stuff.

Some of the room sets they had, like the areas where they took a bunch of their products and set them up, pretending people actually lived there, were just well done.

When I have a house (or a reasonable-sized apartment), I'm definitely wandering around IKEA to look for inspiration. We really need a new couch, but today wasn't the day to spend $400 and then have IKEA delivery the beast to your house the next day. My desk didn't fit in the car (I actually thought they were sold out, as their online "inventory checker" lead me to believe... bastard), so we had to tie it to the roof. It's cool, IKEA gives you free triangular cardboard "roof racks," and lenghts of rope were only $1.

But I of course picked the windiest day of the year to do this, so it was like driving a sail down I-695. Not fun.

But we made it home. Let me tell you, it was heavy. Heavier than a box containing a desk should be.

All in all a very good weekend.

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