Thursday, November 02, 2006


If you have a taste for bubbly, happy techno music (like Royksopp's radio-edit of "Remind Me," heard in the recent Geico commercial showing a caveman rolling down an airport conveyor), you should check out AGK's "Deeper" off their "The Liking of Things" album.

I think I got this song free from iTunes for being in the "Apple Students" Facebook group and redeeming some stupid coupon every week throughout September.

Actually, most of the music I got from that stupid redemption code (a slew of rap, hip-hop, alternative, rock and techno) is sort of like a radio station intermittently breaking through my iPod's songs to surprise me.

You see, 90% of the mp3s I own came from 2002-2003: freshman year. Napster had fallen the year before, Kazaa Lite still worked, and trading music digitally wasn't something about which college kids were worried.

ShipSearch was a great program, somehow taking everyone on Ship's intranet (i.e., anyone who plugged into the RJ45 outlets in the dorms, Seavers or Stone Ridge) and placing their shared folders in a searchable database. You search for a song, and browse the results. Grab what you want and it downloads amazingly fast.

Yeah, ShipSearch was great. Then the MPAA and RIAA started bison-hunting college kids for their participation in "music piracy."

That issue still gets me so mad. But another time...

Anyway, so I have a pretty good idea of what songs I have and what I'm used to, and what I've never heard.

The new music is kind of like a "hey, what's this?" moment. Which encourages me to use Pandora, and download more music I've never heard.

Of course, at 99 cents per song, iTunes isn't exactly the poor man's solution to building a 90,000-song music library.

But, at the risk of repeating Dwight, there's this Russian site where songs are only 2 cents a piece... Unfortunately, this Russian site is also under investigation by the FTC and what have you.

But I've never downloaded anything from there. I don't know what you're talking about, officer.

If your tastes run more toward techno infused with Duran Duran, check out "All This Love" by The Similou.

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