Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I think headlines are my favorite part of my profession.

Take, for example, this story about Britney Spears' divorce. The headline on Google reads "Brit Poised For Comeback; K-Fed Now Fed-Ex."

I love puns.

A restaurant in the area closed recently. The Victory opened in 1941 just after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
So named to give its support and knowledge that the United States would prevail, it has served Hanover for like 68 years or something.

Sadly, it closed. Immediately, I suggested "Victory: defeat" as the headline (I think the one that ran was something like "Lost battle for Victory").
Also sadly, I have absolutely nothing to do with the headline process. As a general assignment reporter I keep my punny musings to myself. Or tell them to everyone around me.
Either way...

It took 'em almost 70 years, but the 'Japs finally won, as my grandfather would have said.

You see, he could get away with calling them that because one of them shot him in the head...

But you know, if I had the capital I'd rent the building and open a sushi bar.
Not because I particularly like meat and rice wrapped in seaweed and more rice, but because the delicious irony would make up for the fishy taste.

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