Saturday, October 14, 2006

Just Like Riding a Bicycle

So it's been a while, but I think I've finally settled into my life post-college. For one thing, I'm not working in a factory 40 hours per week, like I was last month.

I'm the southwestern Adams County beat reporter at The Evening Sun. So I'm in the business, making $.36 more per hour than I was at the factory, but with infinitely more satisfaction.

I'm living in McSherrystown, Pa., a place with a traffic light at each end of town -- a sort of modern-day city gate. It's right outside Hanover, so it isn't total bumpkin-town. Although Hanover itself isn't Metropolis, it's actually quite nice.
I'm only like an hour north of Baltimore, and 2, 2 and a half hours from D.C., which is probably the place in which I most want to live some day.

So for now, I'm writing about herb farms and robotic milking machines, but it's O.K. Life is pretty good. I can pay the bills each month, and I can still exercise every morning (that is, every morning I get myself out of bed early enough to do so).

Plus, it's Fall, so it's my favorite time of year. Hanover may be surrounded by corn fields, but the trees still change, and I can still wear sweaters and sportcoats.

Maybe I'll begin blogging in earnest again. Though with the advent of MySpace, I doubt many people take the time to actually click on links anymore. Oh well, it's better off if no one sees the musings of my mind.

So did you all see Bono and Oprah launched (Product) Red? I think it's actually a really neat idea. According to the stuff I've read, you basically choose to buy a red shirt at the Gap instead of a regular one and Gap gives like 50% of the profit to African AIDS relief efforts. In Apple's case, it's 10%, but I suspect that will outweigh Gap and American Express.

So if any of you feel the need to buy an iPod Nano, get the red one. It doesn't cost anything more, and you're doing the world a favor. And if you want a new RAZR, get the red one. If you're the SLVR kind of guy, well, move to the UK. Or wait a couple weeks and look on Amazon. I'm sure some will be there.

There isn't anything on television, so I'm being forced to watch Ghostbusters II while I type. Bad movie, but better than Rat Race.

Oh yeah, I have a cat now, too. His name is Remus, he's a tabby with white legs. He followed Caitlin and I home one night when we were jogging. He was only 4 months old when we found him, so we took him in. He's actually the nicest cat in the world.

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caitlin said...

Ghostbuster's II isn't a bad movie, YOU'RE a bad movie!

And I like Rat Race. But that's a different story.

Oh no, I'm starting to begin my sentences with conjunctions - I think I've been reading the newspaper too long! :(