Monday, November 28, 2005

13 Going on 30

Poor Andy Serkis. Poor Poise. Poor you-go-girl secretary.

They were all merely tools, constructions in the protagonist's imagination. At best they were in an alternate future where they are now jobless and ruined. Their lives -- created to show Jennifer Garner that mistakes she may make at 13 will snowball into her becoming cold, calculated, and a cutthroat at 30 -- have turned upside down.

I feel bad for them, for all their hard work in life, struggling against certain doom.

The Hollywood ending left their plotlines to wisp through a negated universe.

But at least Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo lived
happily ever after.

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Leslie said...

Mmmm, "Deep Thoughts by Brendan West". Who knew?!? What the crap are you doing watching "13 going on 30" anyway? :-D (You can't hear it, but I am actually laughing hysterically aloud in my office at the thought.)