Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Would You Like Some Cheese With That Fuel?

All over the place, people are throwing around the phrase "foreign-oil independent." The republicans use it as an excuse to open the ANWR for exploratory pre-drilling expeditions. E.g., "drilling in the ANWR will help the U.S. become foreign-oil independent."
This is, of course, a boldfaced lie.
Many magazines tout that if "readers would pledge to use one gallon less per week" or gasoline, they would be doing a small part to help the United States become foreign-oil independent.

All these people fail to realize one thing. There's an inherent flaw to their stupid little phrase. It has one too many words. It shouldn't be foreign oil. It's just oil that is the problem.

We need to become oil independent.

Trust me, I work at an Exxon, I see how much of it people use in a day.

Small irony my paycheck comes (rather vicariously) from gasoline and oil taxes? I can live with it. Y'all are the ones using all the gas.

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