Thursday, April 07, 2005

They'll Name a City After Us

I'm walking down the street, and I can smell the laquer on the telephone poles.
It reminds me of Providence, New Jersey and my Grandfather's yard.
You can smell everything in your past.

The fresh cut grass, my Uncle's house outside of Hartford.
The pressure-treated wooden fencing, work with my Dad.

There are soda-can-tabs pressed into the pavement
---like constellations---
by so much pollution, and so much death.

Caitlin doesn't think that "list" and "listen" share a similarity or two in their etymologies.

It's really amazing what a couple of days of warm weather and a few hundred buckets of rain can do to grass.
Campus used to be brown-green-dead, but now its green-green-green.
I never really realized how much I missed it, usually there's the bright-white snow to take my mind off of the lack of green.
But not this year.
A whole winter, and not one day of cancelled classes. We had one delay. And one evening/night classes cancelled.

And neither time was there enough snow to even imagine a snowman.

I wonder if they'll lose my luggage on the aeroplane.
I wonder if my stuff will be too heavy.
Since the Bari Sax is the only instrument Fam couldn't get the school to let us use, I have to take mine with me. It weighs thirty pounds. The maximum weight for checked luggage per passenger is fifty pounds. I have a twenty pound window, if i go over it, cha-ching: eighty dollar fine.

I wonder if I'll get bodysearched.

I cleaned my room today.
I lied.
I fixed my bed, which was falling off of the little metal rails that are naïvely referred to as "the frame."
And I arranged things. No cleaning was involved.

I wonder how the ROTC kids keep from fainting walking across campus dressed in full fatigues...

This girl's cellphone keeps going off down the row from me.
Everytime it does, I don't know why, but I think it's the fire alarm, and jump to get my stuff.

I suppose I will eventually have to get a cellular telephone. But not right yet.
It would be nice to give people a telephone number i might actually answer
but I'm still weary about tying myself down with monthly bills.
There it goes again. This is the third time in as many minutes.

Cellphones should not be sold with a speaker on them. They've really crossed the line by making them polyphonic and loud and whatnot. Really, if you can't feel your cellphone vibrating, you don't need to take the call. Therefore, no one around you should be subjected to your annoying ringtone. Ever.

Don't even get me started on Nextel. And now Verizon merged with them, or something. Because now with verizon phones you too can "DEDEDE" your friends, causing someone to seize in contempt at your "walkie-talkie" feature.

Have you ever really just realized that you've matured? That there will be no more childish laughter at stupid cartoons, you start doing things with an adult mindset?

Oh, by the way, check out Regina Spektor, more specifically, click on "video" and listen to "us."

Thank you

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