Saturday, April 02, 2005

Sit Inter Astrum

so I'm on the John Kerry electronic mailing list, yes?

I get an e-mail today (this is the same list that warned be a day before the ANWR shit blew up in everyone's face) about how the republican majority leader (Senator Frist, I believe) has a plan to make any judicial nominations made by President Bush immune to a Senate filibuster.

Id est, "If he can convince enough Republican Senators to go along, the nomination and confirmation of judges will become a tightly-controlled, one-party affair."

Id est, the Supreme Court of the United States of America will become, until more justices die, an arm of the conservative America.

"Why would you want to move to Canada Brendan?" asks my dad.


post script: in pace requiescat John Paul II. You were not my Pope, but you were a good Pope. You will be missed, and I truly believe those Italian people on the news were right: you were a saint among men.


post post script: gmail storage limit: 2.054Gb and counting.

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