Friday, April 01, 2005

A Renewed Faith in Corporations

the people at google are my heroes. they should be your heroes too.
gmail used to be a free electronic mail service, with a wicked cool take on "filing," revolutionary low-profile non-annoying ads (and trust me, i don't even know they're there), and a thousand megabytes of storage
for those of you who can count, that's a gigabyte of storage. FOR FREE
but that isn't gmail anymore. when i checked my mail today, i discovered it was gmail's one year birthday. and to celebrate, google has given all of its gmail members much more than one gigabyte
if you visit gmail you will see numbers increasing rapidly. last time i checked, i was at 1.6Gb.
and they're still rising

google, you are my hero.

want a gmail account? i have fifty invites. sheeshes, someone ask me for one already

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