Saturday, April 02, 2005

Mi Scuzi!

So here's the plan, Caitlin and I will spend Spring Break 2006 in Europe. Going from country to country by rail.

What better way can you think of to spend your last spring break than traversing Europe on a train? We can hit a maximum of five countries. This will take careful planning. We plan on going to France, Italy, Austria, BeNeLux ( counts Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg as one country), and Ireland. We don't know about Austria though, it might be too much. I know I've wanted to see Vienna for a long time, but I kind of want to stay in Vienna longer than a day, so it's all good.

The only snag right now is the flight. When i looked on cheaptickets, priceline, and travelocity, any ticket from any U.S.A. eastern-seaboard airport to Paris is a thousand USD per ticket. That is outrageous, and i demand to know why.

The plan is to start in Paris, rail to Italy, see Rome and Pompeii (which, apparently, may require a stop in Naples. According to most guidebooks, Naples is not the place you want to spend the night in. It compares to Newark and Compton. woo.), then to BeNeLux, where i want to go take a stupid-tourist-picture of the hotel De Roode Leeuw. I would suggest staying there, but the rooms are "soundproofed." Another word for "out of your price range you stupid white fool." So perhaps Rotterdam, which is where R.J.J. deRoode emigrated from. Of course Ghent, in Belgium. Of course I'll be an ass and order waffles while in Belgium. I don't really know what's in Luxembourg, but oh well. Then from BeNeLux to Ireland, via ferry. This is all relatively cheap, through this program we (Caitlin) found, it gives you ten travelling days to see three - five countries.

The U.K. does not count, though, as the site warns. Probably because the rest of the E.U. hates G.B., since they're all snooty and whatnot. If that's not enough acronyms to make your head spin, you should have read my Slate article on SCUPA.

So I'm getting a gear list together, and probably making most of my purchases this summer. I've decided (unilaterally, of course) that the easiest and best way to haul our gear from city to city, country to country, is with backpacks. No, not your L. L. Bean bookbag. Backpacks. Backpacking backpacks. Caitlin agrees, yet she is timid about the possibility of carrying a backpack through cities such as Rome and Paris, and feels that it would make her more tourist-y. I think it would make us look not tourist-y, but "I'm in college in the states and i'm backpacking through Europe because i'm a bohemian at heart"-y.

We both agree that no matter how good a hostel's reviews are, we would be skeptical about leaving all of our belongings in some stranger's house while we perouse the city.

So the search for lower airfare begins. As does the search for train times, and h/mo(s)tels. haHA, look at that motherfucker, i made three words into one.

We could always do what they did in EuroTrip and become air couriers. But what if the courier couldn't get us a flight to Paris from wherever on that day, and then we'd have to check extra baggage, and blah blah blah.

I'll probably be talking to Jeff and asking him to ask his Grandmother about the airfares when the year progresses a bit more. Hey, she was Erin and my's travel agent for the Prague trip, and that worked out fine.

Time to work. work work work. I can't think of work, all I can think of is being on an aeroplane flying over the continental USA for five days in Los Angeles.

Bob Barker, you're MINE.

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